Baby Diaries: Part Four

April 6, 2017

I have exactly one friend with a baby. That’s it. (Hi Andrea!) So as you might imagine I didn’t have a whole lot of experience with pregnancy.

If you read my first baby diaries post, you know we were planning + trying for this baby for 10 months. In that time I read a lot about “TTC” but not a whole lot about pregnancy. It has been a learn-as-we-go experience between reading books, joining mom groups on Facebook, and Google. Sweet, sweet Google. There have been a LOT of things that I had no idea were “pregnancy symptoms” and I’ve decided its just about the craziest/ coolest thing ever.

So just for fun, here are 10 things no one told me about being pregnant:

  1. No one told me what to do once you find out you’re pregnant. Like the second line shows up, you call the doctor and say “Um hi there are two lines on my pregnancy test, what do I do now?” Or that home pregnancy tests can be more accurate than the doctor’s test (I got a negative result and had to insist on a blood test!)
  2. Not all pregnancies are the same. Some people don’t have cravings or morning sickness, but every mama you know will compare their pregnancy to yours and have, like, a lot of advice.
  3. You might not have a “cute belly” like the ones you see in all the maternity ads. Instead you could grow all over, or just stare at your tiny stomach wondering where a baby the size of a coconut is hiding.
  4. No one told me that a pregnant lady’s sense of smell is RIDICULOUS. I swear I can smell when my neighbors two houses down are having poptarts for breakfast!
  5. Speaking of poptarts, I now find them and a couple of my old favorite treats completely disgusting. Food becomes the center of your life, and when you hate something you reaaalllllyy hate it.
  6. No one told me I’d be obsessed with other pregnant women, and babies but duh. I just stare at them with wide eyes thinking “HI WE ARE THE SAME!” but of course since I don’t look pregnant (see #2) I look more like a creepy stalker.
  7. Pregnancy makes your body crazy, like there is so much blood running through your veins that just a little cut makes your bathroom look like WWIII. Plus your hair and nails grow non-stop and some people’s feet get a size bigger– still hoping that one doesn’t happen to me!!
  8. You want to nap all the time but as soon as you go to bed the little alien in your belly will probably decide its time to practice their gymnastics routine.
  9. No one told me that you get emotional about the weirdest things. I haven’t cried at a single ultrasound but have broken down about not knowing what to eat for dinner.
  10. You will Google EV-ER-Y-THING. On a daily basis I find myself searching things like “can I eat a hot dog while pregnant?”

Here’s to 3 more months of crazy!


P.s. still no bump photos to share, so here’s a film photo that we will most likely print for the nursery. I’m not a big “theme” person but we’re going for a bohemian/ tropical vibe with a whooooole lot of neutral. For a few sneak peeks check out my Instagram