You want to take beautiful photos of your
everyday life but you just feel stuck

Stuck using your big, expensive camera in auto mode with photos never turning out how you want. You always planned to learn how to use it "someday" but instead the camera gathers dust on the shelf. And now you end up using a phone to capture those precious moments that you can never get back, and all you have to show for them are dark, blurry photos.
I want to help you feel excited about using your camera again and confident in your ability to capture those memories. In this online course you will learn everything you need to know about photography, so that you can pick up your camera, take a photo you are proud of, and get back to enjoying your life!


Everyday Photography Simplified

What to expect

5 Lessons

Video lessons that take you through each topic in detail. We will cover equipment, how to shoot in manual mode, lighting and composition, and every tip and trick I have for photographing your everyday life. Each less is approximately 30 minutes and can be watched anytime.

Live Shooting and Editing Demos

The Demo videos give you a peek behind the scenes of a real photo shoot. Watch me work in outdoor and indoor settings as I demonstrate how to cop with different lighting scenarios. Then we will take our photos into Lightroom and edit the entire session from start to finish.

Cheat Sheet & Complete Ebook

You will also receive an easy-to-use cheat sheet that you can print and take with you PLUS the complete printable lecture notes.

I'm in! Take me to the class!