You want to take beautiful photos of your everyday life but just feel stuck.

Stuck using your big, expensive camera in Auto mode with photos never turning out how you want. You always planed to learn how to use it "someday" but instead the camera gathers dust on the shelf. And now you end up using a phone to capture those precious moments that you can never get back, and all you have to show for them all dark, blurry photos.

I want to help you feel excited about using your camera again and confident in your ability to capture those memories. In this online course, you will learn everything you need to know about photography, so that you can pick up your camera, take a photo you are proud of, and then go back to enjoying your life!




a course for those who want to master their camera settings, learn the basics of photography, and beautifully photograph their everyday life

What to Expect


Video lessons that take you through
each topic in detail. You will have
access to the slide show lectures as
well as printable notes.


Demo videos that show a
peek behind the scenes of
a real photo shoot. I share my
settings, observe the lighting
conditions, and walk you through
the process of editing afterwards.

Cheat Sheet

An easy-to-use cheat sheet
that you can take with you
on the go. This will help you
remember all the new photography
tricks you learned in the course.

frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone that wants to take better photos. Whether you are a mom wanting better pictures of your kids childhood, an adventurer trying to improve your vacation photos, a small business owner learning how to photograph their products, or maybe you just want some cute photos of your dog... this course is for YOU. 

What is included in this course?

I am going to help you go from barely knowing how to turn on your camera, to being confident in your ability to create beautiful photos every single time you pick it up. The course includes video lectures, live demo videos, a behind the scenes look at my editing process, PDF notes, and more. We will cover everything from how to using your camera in manual mode to lighting and composition, as well as all of my tips and tricks on how to improve your photography skills.

How long will I have to take this course?

Once you have purchased the course, you will have lifetime access to all of the content. Because I get it, you're busy! And I want you to be able to take it at whatever speed works for you. Whether you want to dive in and complete it in one day, or soak up the information over several weeks, it's up to you! You will also have access to the exclusive Facebook Group and any couse updates!

how does it work

I started teaching a live photography basics course in 2018. Since then I have worked on perfecting the content so it will benefit every type of learner! Within the lesson videos there are graphics and examples, making it a great fit for everyone from beginners to intermediate photographers. The videos, notes, and everything else you may need will be located right here on my website for you to access anytime.

And if you every have any questions, don't worry! All of my students are invited to an Exclusive Facebook Group where I am always available to them!




Would you believe that I was the historian for my class yearbook in middle school? Photography has been a part of my life for so long, it actually feels strange for me to not have a camera in my hand. Add a few years, a little bit nicer gear, and some clients, and here I am working as a full time professional photographer telling the stories of wedding days and growing families.

I live in a little beach town in Southern California with my husband Sam and our two daughters, Dylan and Sadie. Even though my business started before Sam and I were even married, I've always taken so much pride in being our family's historian. We love looking back at our memories from being in high school together to chasing babies. The photos we have collected in over a decade mean the world to us... which is why I wanted to create a course that shares everything I know about photographing everyday life. All the firsts, new places, the best days you have together, and even the boring days deserve to be remembered beautifully.

By the time you have finished taking this course, you will feel completely confident using your camera. Here is what you have to look forward to:

Lesson One: Getting to know your equipment- I go over equipment, how to use what you already have, everything I use and recommend.

Lesson Two: Exposure triangle basics- I cover in depth aperture, shutter speed, and iso, and how to combine the three to properly expose photos.

Lesson Three: Finding the light- I review types of light and how to cope with different lighting scenarios.

Lesson Four: Photography Tips and Tricks- I talk about composition guidelines, the rule of thirds, and creating depth in your photos.

Lesson Five: How to Photograph Everyday Life- Finally we wrap it all up with my tricks for photographing kids, tips to help you grow as a photographer, and more!

There are also three videos where you get to watch me work behind the scenes! Two come along with me on indoor and outdoor photo shoots where I show you how to make any scenario work, and the third I share my screen while I edit from start to finish.

Every tip, trick and secret I have is in this course. And if you still have questions that were not covered, don't worry! All of my students are invited to a private Facebook group where I will be available to answer questions, give advice, AND there will be weekly photo challenges and video critiques of YOUR images! 



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