Hi, I'm Jessica.

It's a funny thing trying to sit down and write a few words about myself that will hopefully tell you exactly who I am. I have three main titles: entrepreneur, wife & mama.  If we have the opportunity to meet, I'll probably ask a few too many questions to try and learn more about who you are. I love hearing people's stories. Since we are meeting with this virtual handshake how about I go first?

On August 30, 2015 I married my high school sweetheart on top of a mountain in San Diego at "Camp Hickerson." Thinking back to that weekend still makes my heart want to explode and if I could do it again, I would! Three years before Sam and I got married, I started my photography business. I was 19 and going to college in Arizona when I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my dream career. In my first year as a wedding photographer, my work was published in two of the most prestigious wedding blogs: Green Wedding Shoes and Style Me Pretty. Since then I have photographed couples on the cliffs in Big Sur, a beach in Maui, under the shade of a Joshua Tree, and a campground in the middle of the Arizona mountains. I've danced under hundreds of string lights with as many guests and I've been the only witness who signed the marriage license. But my proudest moments have been when a brides grandmother called me after seeing the photos with happy tears, hugging proud parents goodbye after the best night of dancing, or piecing together my brides hair seconds before the grand entrance. Or that one time the florist cancelled so I sat on the floor with the bridesmaids and handmade their bouquets! For me this isn't just a career. It is a family inviting me to take part in their story and asking me to capture it the best way I know how; because it will be the one you tell a hundred times as you flip through the photos I took with your grandkids.

Phew. That got deep. I'm kind of passionate about this photography thing- can you tell?

I loved traveling as a wedding photographer but these days my own family keeps me close to home, photographing families on our home beach or snuggling on their couch, which to me is just as magical. When I am not photographing some joyful people or working on my other businesses, I've been busy figuring out this whole motherhood thing. I have two wild daughters named Dylan Bailey and Sadie Jean. I could talk about them all day long but instead you should just go see the cuteness on my Instagram. In our little beach bungalow you'll also find a couple rescue pups, The Office playing on the TV, and probably some sand from our last beach day.

Wife & Mama.
Small business owner. Beach addict.

Life Updates


I own two other businesses: "Esplanade Brand," an apparel + lifestyle good company, and "Sun & Sea Collective," local pop up markets every month.


We moved to Hawaii for 6 weeks this year to live out our dream of living on the islands. It was hard to leave!


Our family loves camping! We sold our little yellow trailer and purchased a vintage airstream that we are fixing up + towing all over the west coast!


My girls Dylan and Sadie are my tiny bffs.

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