A Day in the Life • Dylan Bailey

July 24, 2018

A Day in the Life Sessions are some of my favorite to shoot, and I’ve been spending the past few months teaching people how to use their cameras to better capture everyday life… So I’d say it was time for a sweet little update on Dylan Bailey!

I have to admit, last year when I was a new mama I definitely thought I’d be blogging about her/ motherhood more. Buuuuuttt she keeps me a little busy 🙂

Right now this bean is a year old (or “13 months” as they say). She can crawl across a room in .2 seconds, climb any piece of furniture, and will only free-stand if she’s looking for a dog. I spend most of the day chasing her around the house playing “uh-oh where’s Dylan?” or reading her books. She is sweet and feisty, so smart, talkative but sometimes shy, and independent while still checking in for a quick cuddle if she’s been away from me too long. Absolutely no work gets done while this girl is awake (thank goodness for a solid schedule and long naps!) but she does enjoy helping me with chores and thrives the most on days where we go go go.

Dylan is my tiny bff and I will always cherish these days where its just the two of us at home together. I wanted to take these to remember what it was like on a regular Monday morning in our little bungalow.