Our Wedding • Day 2

November 12, 2015

In case you missed Day 1 you can catch it here: https://jessicahickerson.com/2015/10/our-wedding-day-1/

Day 2 was all about FUN. More guests arrived that morning and moved in to their camp sites. We drank a lot of coffee and ate way too much. At noon we all gathered at the main house for the “Wedding Olympics and Scavenger Hunt” I created. Everyone drew a bandana (so that the teams would be a mix of our families and friends) and went into their color teams. They competed against each other in a bunch of silly tasks, ending with a scavenger hunt where all 75 people were running around the 60 acre property looking for things like heart-shaped rocks and filming The Blaire Witch Project reenactments.

(P.S. I spent most of the day coordinating the fun and enjoying myself (I really was the least stressed bride ever- and proud of it!) but that meant very few photos. Most of these are from other people’s phones. But sometimes it is less about the quality of the photo and more about the memory it holds. So enjoy some of our day two memories.)
2015-11-12_00012015-11-12_00022015-11-12_0005I then put on my bossy pants and taught everyone how to walk in a straight line…. Kidding! I actually think a ceremony rehearsal is a great idea. That way we could time the music and who-walks-with-who (which is really hard when you don’t have a wedding planner). My dad and I also had a major surprise for the wedding day that we needed to plan…
2015-11-12_00032015-11-12_0004wood_20150829_8453We invited everyone to our rehearsal dinner, and ended up having around 75 guests. Lucile’s catered and we played country music all night long to satisfy my Southern-loving heart!


I call this next series “When You Give Your Mom the Camera– Part 2″ (Sorry mom! 😉 )

2015-11-12_0008I heart my in-laws. They hosted the Rehearsal Dinner and gave the sweetest speech. Since they only have sons, this was their chance to host a wedding festivity and it was so special to share with them!

wood_20150829_84742015-11-12_0006We ended the night with a movie under the stars! After everyone finished dinner, we invited them out to the lawn for a “surprise.” We had candy, blankets + pillows, and The Proposal waiting… I just wish I had got a better picture. It was magical. 


Day 3- aka the wedding day!!!- coming soon…