Our Wedding • Day 1

October 22, 2015

Today is the anniversary of the day Sam proposed to me. Now here we are, married for two months! I thought this would be a good time to finally start telling our wedding story.

I knew it would be difficult to put into words so I have been putting it off for a while now. How do I even explain the three days where everyone I love was gathered in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen? Its surreal, even now, months later.

***Just some backstory for anyone that doesn’t follow me on Instagram or this blog, Sam and I got married on Sunday August 30, 2015 at Baileys Palomar Resort. We were on the mountain from Friday to Monday and invited all of our fiends and family to stay the weekend with us. The property had a main house, multiple cabins and canvas tents, and regular tent spots. No cell service, 60 acres to play with, and the prettiest starry nights… Take me back to #CampHickerson!

The week before the wedding was a whirlwind. Not because I was behind on my to-do list, but because I ran out of things to do. I was anxious to get to the mountain and start what I knew would be the best weekend ever.


We left from our home with the majority of our wedding party in our two cars. During the entire two hour drive I was completely jittery and excited. I even backed my car into a wall– oops. As soon as we arrived, my head was spinning. Bailey’s was so beautiful and it was the first time we were sharing this amazing place with our friends. We went inside of the main house and showed everyone their rooms (numbers on the doors, floral wallpaper and antiques included).

Then… I put them to work! With a full weekend-long wedding to plan, I had concocted a 4-page timeline that detailed every moment of the weekend. Everyone had specific tasks and luckily we had the greatest family & wedding party of all time that was more than willing to help. Seriously though, I can’t say that enough. We had NO outside help and they are the reason my vision even had a chance of coming to life.

Sam and George’s first job was to block the trees from scratching the top of the RV. Believe me when I say this property is basically untouched.


Cousin Sydney pitched in by arranging all of the flowers for the first night’s dinner. (These flowers were also re-purposed as flower crowns on the wedding day.)
wood_20150828_8343wood_20150828_8347wood_20150828_8356wood_20150828_8374I think the hammocks went up before we unpacked anything else.


Shout out to my dad for doing a lighting job that cost me $100 (for the lights at Target) rather than $1,000+ (quoted by a professional lighting company)! Everyone had their odd jobs…


Then the fun began. We played volleyball and bocce ball on the lawn. Sam’s huge family had all started to arrive and we were so content.


We (and by “we” I mean all of the boys and my sweet grandma) made a spaghetti dinner for our 30+ guests and gifted each family a welcome bag with an itinerary and other goodies.

wood_20150814_8295Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.50.28 PMwood_20150828_8411wood_20150828_8415wood_20150828_8424wood_20150828_8432wood_20150828_8435wood_20150828_8436

Nanci and Phil, my in-laws, took dance classes leading up to the wedding and immediately showed off their skills. Nanci also showed off her rapping abilities and my dad did the worm… but some photos aren’t meant to be shared 😉


Day 2 coming soon…


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Love! Even though I got to see it in person, I’m still SO excited to see the rest of your wedding blogged!