Krista and Elliott • Palos Verses Intimate Wedding

October 31, 2019

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to photography a very special intimate wedding.

This wedding was extra special for a few reasons. First of all, Krista and Elliott are two of the kindest people I’ve met and I could have spent forever photographing them. But this wedding almost didn’t happen… This bride, a friend of a friend, reached out to me last year about her photographing her wedding. After a little back and forth she realized financial troubles would stop them from going forward with their plans. They would have to cancel the whole thing. It broke my heart because more than anything they just wanted to be married and I could see that!

So I reached out to a group of brides and vendors on Facebook to see if anyone would be willing to contribute to this couples wedding. They wanted a little “pop up” ceremony in Palos Verdes and a reception in her dad’s backyard. Their needs were pretty simple and the vendors would be able to treat it as a fun creative project where they would get photos of their work. I was met with an OVERWHELMING response of just incredible generosity. From florals to coordination, there were so many amazing people willing to donate their time just to make a stranger’s dream wedding come true. (And while I realize this happens all the time within organizations/ charities, it was amazing to see everyone willing to help someone just a little down on their luck.) And boy did we turn their luck around! The very next day I was able to surprise the bride with an email saying “Hey I want to make this happen for you and so do all these vendors“- IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

One Friday afternoon in May it all finally came together with the most beautiful wedding and so much JOY thanks to these people:

Coordinator: Ink and Rose Events
Florals: Sparkles and Vintage
Cake: Fantasy Frostings
Bartending: Tipsy Traveler and Company
Dress: Aisle to Altar inc
Rentals: Premiere Rents
Pizza: Giulianos Gardena

They got ready at a friends beautiful home, their ceremony at Roessler Point in Palos Verdes was officiated by the groom’s aunt, and the bride’s dad opened up his home for the reception. Every little detail came together so perfect thanks to vendors, family, and friends that showered this couple with love and generosity.

This is a wedding I will never forget. And I’m sure Krista and Elliott will be telling this story to little baby Drew (just a little bean in mama’s belly here) for years and years to come!