Taylor and Nathan • Terranea Palos Verdes Surprise Proposal

March 15, 2019

Last summer, I received an email from a childhood friend’s boyfriend asking me to photograph his surprise PROPOSAL! Taylor is the absolute sweetest person and I was thrilled to make this happen for her. Nathan and I decided on the perfect spot at Terranea Resort, where they would meet us following a helicopter ride (throwing her off a bit, right!?)  I “hid” with a vacationing family on their balcony. Hat, sunglasses, hoodie, the whole deal! Two little girls acted as my spies looking for “a pretty girl in a red dress” and when they finally saw Taylor turn the corner they couldn’t help but yell “I SEE HER!!”

Nathan walked her to our spot, and turned toward Taylor. Her dropped to one knee and asked if she would continue this journey they started years ago as his wife! Best. Moment. Ever!!

Then their friends that help orchestrate the proposal came out of hiding! Taylor was SO surprised. After a few hugs and squeals, they requested a do-over for a better iPhone photo of the proposal haha! 🙂

After walking around the property to take some engagement photos, we met up with the rest of their friends at Nelson’s Terranea for the celebratory dinner! Nathan- you did an awesome job planning this special day!!! Thank you for asking me to be a part of it!


[…] Taylor and Nathan are MARRIED! They had their perfect wedding day at Calamigos Ranch Redwood Room in Malibu. I wanted to share a few images from their wedding since these two are some of my favorite people and they had the sweetest, intimate celebration last month! […]