Jordan and Alexis • Catalina Island Surprise Proposal

October 3, 2018

They first met at summer camp almost a decade ago. But back then it was just a little crush. Social media kept them in touch over the next few years, but when they started college they found themselves spending more and more time together until they just didn’t want to be apart. Since then its been a constant adventure of medical programs and late nights studying, soaking up every moment of breaks with vacations around the world, hiking on the weekends, and surfing in the evenings.

Joran and Alexis make ever moment such a sweet adventure. He knew he wanted to make his proposal memorable for her. So he booked a little weekend getaway on Catalina Island and disguised it as a relaxing vacation before her physical therapy program started again.

They arrived at the beautiful Pavillon Hotel and she thought “this is so pretty– is he thinking about proposing….?”

No,  just a fun night away!

Then the next day he said they were going on a helicopter ride around the island. During the flight she stole a couple glances thinking “is it going to happen now??”


And then as their adventures wound down for the day, he led her to Descanso Beach Club on the far end of Avalon. She could tell he was nervous as he gave his name for a cabana reservation and quietly walked to their spot. But this time the thought of a proposal didn’t really cross her mind, she just wanted him to relax and enjoy this!

Then he held her hands and told her how much the past two years have meant to him. He got lost in his words a few times and she said “you can do it!” (the sweetest!)

He asked.


And the entire beach club burst into applause 😉

This was one of the most special proposals I’ve ever been a part of. Joran reached out to me hoping I would help him with the perfect plan for the girl he loved so much. Having photos of this moment was her #1 wish, and I am SO happy with how they turned out! After her popped the question we explored Avalon together to take some engagement photos. Here are a few favorites:


A quick ring-peek from a stranger and a call to mom to say “We’re engaged!!!”

Alexis paused at least five times to say “oh my gosh I can’t believe this is happening!”