July 17, 2018

You might have read this blog post I shared about a series of photography classes I started this year called WORKSHOP. I figured it was time to share how it has been growing over the past few months!

Since the launch last March, I have taught multiple classes including:

* “Photography Basics” :  how to use your DSLR in manual mode and the basics of exposure
* “Photography Basics Part II” : mastering your dslr, learning about lighting and composition, and editing
* “Family Beach Day” : practice photographing real life with a focus on coping with difficult lighting and movement

Around 50 students have attended my classes and many have taken more than one! Beyond the classes, I’ve created a community of Facebook with the group “WORKSHOP South Bay” where anyone can come to talk about photography, ask questions, and just enjoy one another!

Here are a few photos from my classes and the awesome group of women I’ve gotten to meet:



Here are what my students have been saying:

“I could never thank you enough Jessica for helping me preserve these precious moments of my daughters life. Without your class all she would have would be iPhone or Automatic photos.”

“I had so much fun and learned a lot attending the photography basics class … I never thought I’d be taking pictures in the light and bright style I have been wanting to be able to know how to for so long within just an hour of class! … Thank you Jessica Hickerson and thank you to all who attended for being such an encouraging and inspiring group”

“Thank you so much for the phenomenal class on Saturday night! I really took a lot away from it! … to sum it up, you simply made us all feel so comfortable while at the same time, made the class very educational. Thank you!”

If you have a DSLR and want to finally learn how to use it, come take my class! There are two opportunities this month in two unique and beautiful locations in the South Bay. Plus wine and treats and so much funClick the images below to sign up!

If you can’t make these dates but want to be the first to know about future classes, be sure to join my Facebook Group!