Dylan on Film: Part One

September 26, 2017

Before Dylan was born I started looking for a way to capture her first year of life. She was bound to grow far too quickly and I didn’t want to forget any of it. There are the traditional monthly photos which we’ve been doing (and loving) but I wanted a little more… Something that would last, force me to be present, and to celebrate all the moments of that first year no matter how small.

So I decided to dig out my film camera and shoot one roll each month. Thats it. I would slow down to take one or two photos of those special moments, and then put my camera down and be a part of them.

Three months flew by and it has been such a fun experience. I have the photos developed AND printed each month so I can hold them and experience them the way photographs were meant to be. They are FAR from perfect. Honestly I’m blaming my mom brain for forgetting the rules of shooting film so the first month or so was a grainy mess. Plus the film for months one and two was expired, but isn’t that sort of fun? Its real. Its imperfect. Its our life.

This was the first photo I took, on the day I went in to labor:


Month one // featuring Dylan’s first beach day(s), first bath, and some quiet moments at home:


Month two // Dylan’s first camping trip, meeting more family, even more beach days, and a growth spurt:




Our quiet days at home, just the two of us. As hard as they are I absolutely love them. Also we discovered Dylan prefers to be held “facing the world” and won’t face in any longer!


Month three // (when I actually bought new film & improved my skill) Dylans first road trip, seeing the redwoods, first time in a pool, hanging with her grandmas, lots of “flying baby” and – you guessed it- more beach days!


I love the bloopers, even on film. Look at Sam and Dylan with the same annoyed face hahah!

Snuggles as soon as dad gets home from work!!



Annnddd here are her monthly photos (one week through three months) where you can see how she’s growing WAY TOO QUICKLY