Anna and David • Intimate Big Bear Lake Wedding

July 11, 2017

Last fall I decided to do my second wedding photography giveaway. So many sweet couples entered and, like the first time, I had an incredibly challenging time choosing someone to receive this gift. However, something about Anna and David stood out to me from the moment I received their email. They weren’t worried about the decor, the vendors, or even their guest list. Anna and David were planning a beautiful marriage and wanted an intimate, casual wedding day that celebrated the start of this next adventure. That wedding would take place at a cabin at Big Bear Lake with just their closest friends and family. They wanted a photographer that would become one of their guests, a friend to share in their wedding day – and I wanted to be that photographer.

Their story started 6 years earlier when they met as coworkers at a restaurant. Their friendship was instant and while they tried to deny falling for one another, they quickly went from just friends to a couple.   From the beginning they simply started doing life together. Moving cities, changing jobs, starting school, and endless support for one another each step of the way. Life was always unplanned, like their proposal that accidentally took place in a hotel room, and thats the way they liked it.

On Memorial Day weekend, 30 of their loved ones joined them in a cabin in Big Bear. There were toasts, tacos, and dancing all weekend long. A friend led their ceremony, and with the lake glistening in the background and the trees completely still, David and Anna read their vows and became husband and wife! Everything moved slowly so they could enjoy every moment of the day. Family popped in for a hug while I took their couples’ portraits, they practiced their first dance while their friends poured their drinks, and their dog Buffy photo bombed literally every family photo. It was a perfect day.

My absolute favorite moment of the wedding was when I sat down with my dinner on the patio during sunset, and suddenly the bride and groom were at my table eating with me! It caught me off guard- what couple eats with their photographer on their wedding day?! But Anna and David are the kind of people to intentionally spend time with every single person and I will always remember that about them! <3













Really fun wedding and great images! I’ve never had the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Big Bear, but I love the area so hopefully one day!