Meet Lucille

June 11, 2017

If you’ve been reading my Baby Diaries posts, you might have thought this was a post to announce our new baby girl… Gotcha! But I do want to introduce our other new “baby:”

Meet Lucille the Shasta!


I have a pretty serious obsession with vintage trailers and VW vans. So much that every time I see one for sale, I insist on pulling over to look at it even though I know I can’t afford it. Well a couple weeks ago the stars aligned and Sam came across this beauty on a Facebook garage sale site. He sent it to me and I, of course, respond that we should get it. (That’s almost become a joke because I say that about all the pretty things and like pretending bank accounts don’t matter 😉 ) Well it turns out the I knew family selling this trailer and they lived right down the street from my parents house. So we decided to take a look. What could it hurt right?! And a few hours my parents had fallen in love, made a deal with the seller, and we were trailering her home… Whoops! 🙂 Now the plan is for the four of us to share sweet Lucille and make her into the best travel companion.  Currently we have only worked on the boring “safety” stuff (brakes, electrical, etc.), and then I get to go crazy renovating the interior. I. can’t. wait!!


I photographed a wedding in Big Bear over Memorial Day Weekend, so Sam and I decided tot take her on her maiden voyage. It was a huge success! The only down side is that her door doesn’t close all the way and it was a bit chilly at night. But we learned so much and are already looking forward to many weekends with Lucille!