Nicole and Colton • Malibu Canyon Engagement Session

April 19, 2016

Within a week of their engagement, there was an email in my inbox from Nicole asking me to be her wedding photographer. There was no date or venue, but she had known for a while who she wanted to document their wedding day (cue all my happy-photographer tears.)

I was privileged to meet and work with Nicole during college, and then photograph her family back in California a couple years ago. This was the first time I met Colton and right away I could see that the two of them just make sense. Despite their crazy heigh difference 😉 , they fit together like two pieces of a whole. Every big moment from the past five years has been celebrated with the two of them hand in hand; from graduations, new jobs, and moves across the country (including the move they are currently making this week!)

For their engagement session, Nicole envisioned something natural and easygoing. The two of them grew up by the ocean but also fell in love with the mountains in Flagstaff. I suggested we take a drive starting deep in Malibu canyon and chasing that gorgeous sunset light down to the beach.  Last weekend we did exactly that and it could not have been more perfect.







[…] everyone worry about that little cloudy picture on the weather forecast. Everyone, that is, besides Nicole and Colton. After meeting in high school, falling in love in college, and sticking by one another’s side […]

Adorable, what a fun session!

These are SO beautiful! The location is incredible – will definitely need to check it out!!

Love the lighting and location! You did a great job capturing it all-such a sweet couple!

Beautiful capture of a fun and lovely couple!

Oh my goodness, look at how much fun they’re having! So important for couples to be able to be themselves around their photographer–you did a great job capturing their personalities!

Amazing setting, and I love the way you told their story. Beautiful!

What a beautiful set. That location is amazing!!