Emma and Conner • Malibu Engagement Session

April 7, 2016

Emma and Conner have been best friends since second grade. Their friendship survived cooties, study sessions, first crushes (“You know that first real crush you ever have? Where you write his name on all your notebooks? Yeah, he was mine! “), school dances, and graduations. In high school they were inseparable, and found themselves asking why they weren’t dating yet. And so began one of the sweetest love stories I’ve ever heard. When they finished school, Conner decided to follow his dad’s footsteps and join the Marines. Emma provided endless love and support, leaving no doubt in Conner’s mind that he wanted to marry her. So he took her to the top of the Long Beach lighthouse and asked her to continue the story they started writing so many years ago.

During their session, Emma talked about how they would rather spend a night on the couch with an episode of Friends and a pizza than go out… annndd thats when I knew I loved them 😉 Emma and Conner will be getting married next year at Camp Pendleton and I am so thrilled to be a part of their journey! Conner leaves for bootcamp in a few weeks, so every minute has been filled with wedding plans. It was so fun for them to take a break to explore a spring-y Malibu for their engagement session. Here are a few of my favorites:



[…] since their Malibu engagement session, I have been looking forward to celebrating Emma and Conner’s wedding. They are the sweetest, […]

I love these. That light is so good! And her dress is perfection.