Patti and Nolan • Joshua Tree Elopement

March 29, 2016

Patti and Nolan’s elopement was everything a wedding celebration should be. After 6 years and a couple of kids, they were more than ready to become husband and wife. They booked their plane tickets a month in advance and set the date for Leap Day. Dragging along three of their closest friends in the process, they traveled from Seattle to the middle of the California desert, a place Patti had fallen in love with during her childhood.

The morning of the wedding, Patti was telling us stories of day she met Nolan and how he was proposing to her and naming their future children by the end of the night. She carefully arranged her DIY bouquet and paced around the room at the Ace Hotel with bubbling excitement.

Patti and Nolan decided to do a First Look at the Ace, and then we all jumped into our cars are drove an hour away to Joshua Tree National Park. We picked a secluded location where the light was dancing around them as they said their heartfelt vows.

As a surprise to the bride, I designed the cake + champagne set up with candles, eucalyptus, dried lavender, and foxtails. The sun disappeared behind the hills and we celebrated with sweet treats and lots of beautiful images. Patti and Nolan shared a quiet first dance to the distant sounds of a drum circle playing off in the distance. It was pure magic!



[…] next example was from an elopement in Joshua Tree. I had Patti and Nolan walk alone so they could be in the moment and shot them at 85mm. They […]

i love love love her dress!! it looks like it was a fun and beautiful day!