Julia and Scott • Palos Verdes Engagement Session

March 8, 2016

It was the summer before high school.  Scott and Julia were 13 and 14, on a week long cruise to Mexico with their families. From the moment they said “hello” they became inseparable. The next four years were filled with school dances, football games, and using every one of their cell phone minutes in a long distance relationship.

They grew up together, discovering their independence at separate colleges but falling more in love during those precious weekends they could spend together. Every date, every day, and every year felt special. Julia and Scott made the most of the distance until everything fell in to place and they moved into their home in San Francisco.

Last summer, Julia went away for a girls weekend at June Lake. As she was returning from a night out, Scott appeared on the cabin’s dock wearing a suit and the biggest smile she has seen. She joined him next to the water, full of excitement and questions, as he dropped to one knee. He asked, she said yes, and they will be getting married at the same church where her parents got married in Palos Verdes.

These two are such a dream and I cannot wait for their wedding this August!



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