New Years Weekend in Flagstaff

January 4, 2016

GUYS. I lived in Flagstaff for 3 years and just barely explored Arizona. I always dreamed of returning to the beach (and am still SO happy we moved back) and that kept me preoccupied. But a couple of Sam and I’s best friends live in Flagstaff, so we find ourselves back in Arizona every once and a while.

We had been planning NYE in Flagstaff for a while now. From the 10pm “Pinecone Drop” downtown, to homemade cinnamon rolls, daily off roading adventures, constant coffee stops and way too much laughter, it was the BEST WEEKEND.

I documented a few of my favorite moments including a pit stop on our drive home in a town in the middle of nowhere that is filled with burros. Yes, I’m serious. Yes, I considered taking one home. Yes, there are way to many pictures of said burros.

hickerson_20160101_0527hickerson_20160101_0532hickerson_20160101_0535hickerson_20160101_0541hickerson_20160101_0544hickerson_20160101_0552hickerson_20160101_0558hickerson_20160101_0560hickerson_20160101_0568hickerson_20160101_0572hickerson_20160101_0576hickerson_20160101_0579hickerson_20160101_0588hickerson_20160101_0591hickerson_20160101_0592hickerson_20160101_05952016-01-04_0001Side note: befriend a photographer and every adventure becomes a mini photo shoot. Sorry not sorry.

hickerson_20160101_06162016-01-04_0002hickerson_20160101_0631hickerson_20160101_0649hickerson_20160101_0650hickerson_20160101_0682hickerson_20160101_06862016-01-04_0003hickerson_20160101_0713hickerson_20160101_0718hickerson_20160101_0721I wish I brought my camera downtown to show off the pretty Christmas lights and perfect little town that balances historic-ness and hipster-ism so well. But alas, I was having too much fun. On to day two’s adventure:

hickerson_20160102_0728hickerson_20160102_0736hickerson_20160102_0741hickerson_20160102_0733hickerson_20160102_0758hickerson_20160102_0759hickerson_20160102_0766hickerson_20160102_0772hickerson_20160102_0786hickerson_20160102_0787hickerson_20160102_0790hickerson_20160102_0792hickerson_20160102_0795hickerson_20160102_0796hickerson_20160103_0800hickerson_20160103_0813hickerson_20160103_0802hickerson_20160103_0816hickerson_20160103_0818hickerson_20160103_0819I had NO idea this was what Rt 66 looks like, did you?! We normally take the 40 but veered off course this time since this might have been our last time out there!


Welcome to Oatman. A weird, sketchy Western town in the middle of nowhere where burros roam the streets.

hickerson_20160103_0841hickerson_20160103_0845hickerson_20160103_0847“I’m scared of you but also will you be my friend?”

hickerson_20160103_0851hickerson_20160103_0854hickerson_20160103_0856hickerson_20160103_0857hickerson_20160103_0862hickerson_20160103_0863hickerson_20160103_0869hickerson_20160103_0872hickerson_20160103_0874hickerson_20160103_0879hickerson_20160103_08838 hours is a loooong time to be on the road. I’m so appreciative of my hubby for always driving.

Youda best.


Peace out 2015. What a great way to end a great year.


What a fun trip! Beautiful photos!!!

Amazing images of your adventure to Flagstaff! I will be traveling their with my family in March and we may just have to stop in Oatman…love the donkey!

Looks like you had an amazing trip!!

What a fun getaway! We loved the Flagstaff area! Love the peek into your life =)

Y’all are too cute. and the adventure is always the best! Also, beautiful pictures!! <3