Snow and Will • South Coast Botanic Garden Wedding

August 11, 2015

Snow and William met on the beach, on a day they both decided to try out an ocean swimming group. It was by mere chance that their paths crossed and they have their adventurous spirits to thank. At the end of the first class, Snow and Will had shyly spoken a few words to one another. As she prepared to leave he mentioned that maybe he would see her next time.

The next week she walked right up to him to say hello. He invited her to coffee and she agreed. Over Café Mochas they became completely infatuated with one another, leading to dinner dates, a lot of swimming, and more coffee.

Their wedding at the South Coast Botanic Garden was inspired by their love of mimosas, flowers and sunshine. It was the most perfect & cheerful brunch wedding I have ever seen! Snow and Will are two of the sweetest, soft-spoken people and I was so thrilled to witness their beautiful day.

2015-08-11_0001 2015-08-11_0002 wood_20150621_6306 2015-08-11_0003 Their first look was so special. Snow and William had arrived separately and opted to not have a wedding party, so these were the first moments the “its our wedding day” emotions really set in.

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