Wedding Diaries: The One with the Maid of Honor

January 21, 2015

Before I knew anything about our wedding (no venue, no date, etc.) I asked my closest friend to be my Maid of Honor. Sam and I had talked about general plans for years and this decision was an easy one. I think we even talked about our wedding party the night we got engaged… OCD planners unite!

My BFF Monica and I have been friends as long as Sam and I have. We went from strangers to best friends on a retreat during our junior year of high school. As Sam and I went from “OMG we are just friends” to “talking”  to “dating” to “this is the real thing,” she has been there to deal with all of my drama. I’m so grateful and cannot wait to have this pretty face by my side on this exciting day!


I think Monica knew she was going to be my Maid of Honor, but I wanted to make the whole experience something special. And since I’m an introvert and feel extremely awkward giving/ receiving gifts in person or dealing with any form of confrontation, a secret gift was the best way to go! I found some inspiration on Pinterest for “will you be my bridesmaid” boxes and decided to put my own twist on it. I put together a little gift box and schemed with her sister to leave it in Monica’s room while she was at work. A few hours later I got a phone called with lots of excited screams!

Here’s what I included in my Will You Be My Maid Of Honor Box:

A cute themed card (I bought 15 from Trader Joes for all of our wedding card needs)
Photo collage (duh!)
Mini champagne + a cute straw, “some bubbly to celebrate”
Nail polish, “the prettiest color to wear on the big day”
A dress cutout, “you’ll have to wear one but I promise you’ll love it”
& Coffee Bean gift card, “some coffee to get us through the planning!”

Overall the box cost me less than $20. It was a big impact for a great price 🙂 That way I could spend a bit more on the gift I will give my bridesmaids on the wedding day.


Overall choosing our wedding party has been so easy! Sam and I are the type of people that have few very close friends. And since our wedding is going to be a full weekend where we are sharing a house with these people, they had to be a fun group! There were no “rules” for who we chose. For example, we have an uneven group with 3 on my side and 4 on Sam’s. Sam’s Best Man is his 15 year old brother (which made his mom cry and his dad start scheming about hilarious bachelor party plans) and one of his groomsmen is actually a grooms-woman! I’ve said it a million times but we are doing this whole wedding thing our way and it is so much more fun that way!