Lauren and John • Malibu Hills Engagement Session

January 28, 2015

After graduating college and beginning her career, Lauren simply couldn’t find the time to date. Long distance relationships were too complicated and the bar scene just wasn’t her style. She decided to give a try with an open mind and genuine curiosity. Almost immediately this man named John pops up on her screen. Even his profile was charming. They spoke online briefly and something just clicked. He asked her to meet in person, and from that point it was a whirlwind which landed them on a trip to Napa together three weeks after that first “hello.”

Now only 10 months later they are planning their wedding. They are getting married on a beautiful lemon ranch this summer. Its going to be all kinds of amazing! Lauren and John are seriously two of my new favorite people! Their one request for their engagement photos was for them to capture their personalities… they made it SO easy! So here are a few favorites from our afternoon together in the Malibu Hills:



[…] moment I met them, Lauren and John quickly became two of my favorite people. As if their adorable love story wasn’t enough, just seeing the two of them together could make anyone believe in soul mates. […]