2014: In Review

January 5, 2015

How is it already 2015?! Where did 2014 go? With the holidays being so busy this year, today has been my first opportunity to reflect on what an incredible year it was. One word: WHOA.

Overall it was a year of growth for Jessica M. Wood Photography. 2014 was my first year as a full-time wedding photographer. I finished college in December 2013 and instead of getting a “real” job I promised myself I would try this for a year to see if it was possible. Turns out, IT IS! My 14 weddings this year took me all over Los Angeles, to Santa Barbara, to Phoenix, AZ, and ending the year in Maui, HI. I also photographed 50 sessions including engagements, a proposal, and many adorable families and seniors. To say it was an amazing year would be an understatement.

It was a big year for me personally as well! Sam and I went on our first big vacation together and then a few months later he graduated from college in Arizona. We moved back to California for GOOD and into a tiny little home that we adore (note to self: blog more about #thelittlecottageproject!!! so many “afters” to share!). After that we fell into a routine of working our full-time jobs and doing home improvement projects on the weekend. And then… the big kahuna… we got ENGAGED!

Honestly I’m so happy I think my heart might explode. Sure there are endless bills to pay and dishes to wash, but I can’t help but feel exceptionally lucky. I’m blessed to have clients that choose me to photograph some of their most important days of their life and as a result they are putting a roof over my little family’s head. So thank you all for believing in me! And please continue to follow along on this journey… I’m resolving to blog a lot more this year 🙂

But before we move forward, I want to look back one last time. Here are just a few of my favorite images I created in 2014:




And here are some behind the scenes photos thanks to my amazing second shooters. I’ve really learned to laugh at myself this year! And yes I tend to repeat outfits 😉 :

wood_20140830_2722wood_20140614_854wood_20140614_369The sweet Marisa trying to light candles during a windy backyard wedding! 2014-VictoriaTom- Marisa-3wood_20140712_0715wood_20140712_0815wood_20140712_7422wood_20140712_7533wood_20140712_7753wood_20140726_5521wood_20140726_65252014-StephanieJoe-Jessica-3wood_20140906_63292014-StephanieJoe-Jessica-12014-StephanieJoe-Jessica-22014-MeganHans-22014-MeganHans-1
Sam enjoying working in Hawaii with me 🙂 121314-Sam-1121314-Jessica-1121314-Jessica-2 DREAM COME TRUE.