Kelly and Garett • Engaged

December 9, 2014

I’m blogging twice in one day. What what! It’s partially because I am going out of town to shoot a destination wedding, but mostly because I stinking love every single thing about this engagement session.

Kelly and I were best friends growing up and when I heard the news that she was engaged to her college sweetheart I was SO thrilled! Then when she asked me to be her wedding & engagement photographer I was seriously over the moon! This was the first time I got to meet Garett and the two of them are perfect together. Just the way they interact and push each others buttons followed up by a kiss… I couldn’t image someone more perfect for my old friend 🙂 Which is saying a lot because I never thought there would ever be anyone good enough. 😉

Kelly told me a story that helped her choose a venue for the wedding immediately. During her freshman year she was exploring the Cal Poly Pomona’s campus with some friends. They came across a beautiful old home that was used as an event venue. She immediately fell in love and told her friends that if she happens to meet her future husband at Pomona that is where they will get married.
That dream is becoming a reality next September.

For their engagement session, we decided to use a few different locations in Redondo Beach. First of which was the Redondo Union baseball field because Kelly and Garett are diehard baseball fans (just don’t ask them which team!), and then a quick stop at the park, and the pier for sunset. It was SO hard for me to choose favorites but here they are!



[…] Kelly and Garett are one of the sweetest, open hearted couples that have dreamt of their wedding day together for as long as they have been together. The day was full of laughter, tears, and prayers for their journey together. It was amazing to witness! Congratulations to the newlyweds! […]