Julie and Jeff • Engaged

November 13, 2014

Julie and Jeff have two versions of their “how we met” story. The first is the real one, but the second is a rom-com-esk tale of accidentally taking one another’s drink at Starbucks. Since both of their names start with “J” it was an honest mistake, and one that they will always laugh about. Because whether or not that story is 100% true, Julie and Jeff are all about having a fun, laugh-at-everything-together, never-too-serious relationship. Everything from their jokes to their arguments are filled with smiles, and thats how they knew from the very beginning that this was “it” for them.

Early in their relationship, Jeff gave Julie the affectionate nickname of his ‘dinosaur girlfriend‘ because of her “high screeching dinosaur-sounding like hiccups” (her words, not mine 🙂 ). It became a fun inside joke for the two of them. On her birthday and 6 months into their relationship, Jeff created a comic strip around this idea. And if anyone could appreciate a personalized birthday comic strip, its Julie. Fast forward to 2013 when Jeff knew it was time for him to propose. He wanted it to be perfect and reflective of the two of them, so of course ‘dinosaur girlfriend’ came to mind. After countless hours of working he created a series of comic strips detailing the past few years of their relationship. And with their sweet pup Bark Twain by their side, he proposed on the couch and I believe her response was something along the lines of “yes yes yes!!!”

Julie and Jeff are getting married next November at The Redondo Beach Historic Library and I can’t wait to celebrate with them!!! For now enjoy a few favorites from their engagement session in Playa Vista 🙂

wood_20141102_6346wood_20141102_63722014-11-13_00012014-11-13_0002wood_20141102_6447wood_20141102_6549wood_20141102_6584Yes, Bark Twain stole the show. And we didn’t mind one bit.

wood_20141102_6592wood_20141102_6636wood_20141102_6638wood_20141102_6687wood_20141102_6691wood_20141102_6820One, two, three, four…