Stephanie and Sam • Westlake Village Backyard Wedding

August 27, 2014

A wedding filled with the first-time-at-Disneyland kind of happiness. A marriage where she will always be the Leia to his Han Solo. That was all they wanted. Whether it was at Burning Man or her parent’s backyard, as long as their wedding was all about their love Stephanie and Sam would be overjoyed.

Four years ago she never expected this to happen. In fact, Stephanie swore she would never get married. Then along comes this sweet guy with a goofy personality and a smile that never seems to dissipate. He was also a rock wall instructor at their local community center. And he found her love of hula-hooping and how she never took anything too seriously quite endearing.  They ended up playing the “just friends” game for months. Sure they liked each other, but who would make the first move? Actually neither of them would. It was on a flight to Ireland on Valentines Day when they finally decided to give it a try. (Hello insanely romantic story!) From that point on they were inseparable. They spent each day laughing a little harder and growing a little more. Together.

And then the day finally arrived. Stephanie spent the morning putting together last minute details while hidden inside of her parents home. Sam wrote his vows where we would promise to buy her flowers at the farmer’s market and to rub her legs after a long day (all 8 of them.)  Their friends and family watched as they finally got to say their “I do’s”, and laughed, cried, sang and danced with them the rest of the night. Stephanie and Sam- it was the BIGGEST honor to be a part of your wedding. I’m only sad that its over because I won’t get to receive your excited countdown emails or taste test your homemade jam any more. Thank you, thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer. (And when you decide to do an epic Burning Man vow renewal in 10 years I am SO in 🙂 )

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Coordination: Michelle Dixon
Florist: Luna Gardens Events
Rentals: A Rental Connection
Photography: Jessica M. Wood Photography