Becca and Daniel • Gerry Ranch Camarillo Wedding

August 11, 2014

She sat in the tiny blue room at Gerry Ranch and waited for him to arrive. Her hair was set, makeup touched up, and the white dress she waited months to wear hung quietly in the corner. As her friends laughed and drank champagne, all Becca could do was watch out the window and wait for the chance to finally say “They’re here!”

The moment those words came out of her mouth, she stepped into that white dress with confidence. With one quick zip and a glance in the mirror, she was out the door and ready to see her groom.

Daniel was standing with his back to her, only a hundred feet away but it felt like miles. She walked quickly with her train trailing obediently behind her. He could hear the ground moving beneath her feet but she didn’t say a word. So desperately wanting to turn around while also wishing time would slow for just this moment. It wasn’t until her hand was on his shoulder that she said with a smile “it’s me.” He looked at her, his bride, dressed in white with that smile so wide and familiar. They ended up in each other’s arms with tears escaping from their eyes. And laughter, so much laughter.

The rest of the day was a blur. They held on to each other as they said I do, made toasts with their family, danced with their friends, and escaped into the night through a tunnel of sparklers. It was a beautiful blur they will never forget. Here are just a few favorite moments from their first hours as Mr. and Mrs. Mendez:




Good Job!
I missed a nice wedding.Blessing to both of you.

Wonderful job on those wedding pictures!

Great stuff. Becca = gorgeous!

Really beautiful images and her dress is a stunner!!

SUCH a stunning location. Really great job on the photos.

Gorgeous pics! Congrats again Daniel and Becca!