Victoria and Tom • Elegant Backyard Wedding

July 1, 2014

The day started with a rush. People in every corner, working to turn Victoria’s childhood home into the place she would marry the man of her dreams. For her it was a dream come true and she couldn’t help but peek out the window as the puzzle came together. Dishes, tables, flowers, candles and twinkling lights… piece by piece it began to look like a wedding. They had spent so long dreaming up their vision for this day and now it was finally here.  But she had spent even longer dreaming of marrying her best friend.

Victoria and Tom’s story is one of my favorites, so I wanted it to be in her words:

“About 2 years ago, I went with some girlfriends to a Lakers game at the Staples Center. We ate at LA Live beforehand, and ran into some mutual friends of hers, who had brought along some friends, including Tom… One of the friends asked if I wanted to play “the no game” in which he asks a series of questions and I cannot respond the word “no” or “know”. The wager? If I won, he would pay the bill for the entire party of 20 people. If I lost, I would have to kiss “that guy!” – and he pointed to Tom, sitting across the table. I did slightly feel like I was playing “spin the bottle” in the seventh grade haha. Well – I lost! So we actually had our first kiss right then and there, and then our first date a few days later. The rest is history! Tom proposed this past July on a trip to Italy – under the full moon on a balcony looking over the sea :)”

Their wedding was perfect and I am still SO incredibly honored I was able to be their photographer. Enjoy some favorites from the day and be sure to leave some comments for the newlyweds!

wood_20140614_4856wood_20140614_4866wood_20140614_2977wood_20140614_3004wood_20140614_3001wood_20140614_4915wood_20140614_387wood_20140614_4939One thing that stuck with me from Victoria and Tom’s wedding was a line from her father’s speech. He was talking about how their home felt special to Victoria from a very young age.  When asked what her first name was, she would sweetly reply “Victoria.” Then they would ask what her last name was and she would just as quickly say “Avenue.”

2014-06-30_0002wood_20140614_5251wood_20140614_3064wood_20140614_5239wood_20140614_1312014-06-30_0009wood_20140614_5400wood_20140614_5323wood_20140614_5431wood_20140614_1872Best vendors ever:

Planning & Design:
Hair and Makeup:
Dishes and flatware:
Lighting & Sound:



Love their story and these images are absolutely beautiful!

What a beautiful day!! Their details are beautiful and you captured them perfectly!!!

this entire wedding set is fantastic! beautiful and real!

WOW! When can I order some of these gorgeous photos?! Thank you for helping to make my sister’s day so special 🙂

Christine, I will be sharing the online gallery with Tom and Victoria soon! Be sure to ask them for the link and you can order prints directly through there. Great meeting you! 🙂

What a wonderful wedding! love your details!
~Hendrick Moy Photography

I love your work friend!! What a gorgeous and meaningful wedding! Absolutely stunning. Love that she thot her last name was avenue 😉 well done!!