Lynn and Willie • Engaged

July 16, 2014

They met at a Super Bowl party. Complete strangers that happened to spot one another across a crowded room. After winding up at the bad end of a bet, Willie had to jump in to a freezing cold pool. But he climbed out with his head held high and walked right up to that pretty blonde with the perfect smile. As Lynn puts it “there’s no way you can turn a guy down when he is down to nothing and still has the guts to ask a girl out.”

A few days later he kept his promise and took her out to dinner. The conversation flowed and an hour later Lynn realized she hadn’t even opened her menu. They laughed, they spoke, they listened, they learned every little detail they possible could about each other… everything was just perfect. When they finally made it through dinner they looked around and realized the restaurant was empty.  Just a couple of years later he proposed at the very. same. restaurant!

It has been so wonderful getting to know Lynn and Willie during their wedding planning process- I cannot wait for their wedding next year! Here are a few favorites from their engagement session…



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