On to the Next Adventure

May 7, 2014

For the past few years I have lived in both Arizona and Southern California while Sam and I attended school. To say it was a crazy challenge to run my business in two states would be a major understatement. The drive between the two takes 7 1/2 hours on a good day, and with two anxious dogs and a boyfriend that despises me serenades him at the top of my lungs it feels a whole lot longer.

I’m happy to finally say that this Sunday we are officially moving back to Southern California FOR GOOD! The past few weeks have been filled with packing, painting, and Sam finishing up his bachelors degree… It has been incredibly stressful and chaotic and I swear I am never moving again. Okay, at least for a a few years. Or one year? Just give me one year in the same home and I will be happy! Sam and I have known all along that we wanted to move back to the LA area. I can’t wait to continue my love affair with the ocean, to be close to our friend and family, and for 50 degrees to feel cold again.

While I have definitely had my share of complaints about life in AZ, living here was an experience I will always appreciate. So many great things happened here in ol’ Flagstaff. We made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Here are just a few favorites…

This is where I adopted my first dog, Jackson. The quirkiest dog on the planet and the one that has lead us to take many, many adventures.


And where Lauren “the monster” was added to our little family just a couple of years later.


We spent a lot of time indoors (not my favorite thing) but it allowed my to grow my business. Now coming back to California I will be able to be a full time wedding-photographer which has been my dream from the very beginning <3

Flagstaff, AZ is where we totally froze our butts off, and I learned I was not meant to live in the mountains or walk in snow… BUT the first snow and “snow days” were always something to look forward to.


Sam and I both graduated from college here! I’m speaking a bit preemptively but I have a really good feeling he will be walking across that stage on Saturday 😉  We photographed each other’s senior photos (which I obviously took very seriously) and were able to celebrate this huge accomplishment together. How cool is that?!



So for now we say goodbye to our little apartment, the freezing cold mornings, the hiking/ hipster/ granola lifestyle, and our deck with a view of the San Francisco Peaks. On to the next adventure…




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Congratulations! The pup photos are adorable!

Love those puppies!!! and good luck to you!

Love it Jess!!!

Good luck on the next stage of your journey 🙂

What a fun next step for you! Love those doggy shots 🙂

I love the colors in the striations of the rock, looks like you had a beautiful time!