Rysse and Tyler • Engaged

March 10, 2014

Rysse and Tyler have an old-fashioned kind of love.
The love that starts with ice cream dates and holding hands between classes.
The love that makes you stay up late talking on the phone until you can barely keep your eyes open.
The love that knows the lows make every high even sweeter.
The love that others admire and always end up rooting for.

They met in high school and have stuck to each other’s side ever since. After 5 years and an impending college graduation, the two of them have held hands as they plan their next step. And this step started with a ring.

Tyler wanted it to be absolutely perfect. There was a trip to Catalina planed in March, and he could wait until then… right? Rysse wanted to go home to Phoenix that weekend and something told him he couldn’t. Her had asked for her dad’s permission and both of their parents had been anxiously awaiting this moment for years. While turning down plans and trying to keep it all a secret, he finally was there. Standing at her parent’s front door. Ring in hand. She was home alone and it was absolutely perfect. Rysse’s father told her later that he had asked her mom to marry him in the same way, and somehow that became a sign that their marriage would be just as sweet.








[…] sweetest couples I’ve ever known. I first met Rysse in college and she asked me to take her engagement photos as I was first starting my business in Flagstaff, AZ. Then I had the opportunity to shoot her […]

Love your work! Beautiful! A lot of your shots remind me of Jasmine Star’s work!

Wow! Thats a huge compliment, thank you Meredith!

Jessica, I love this session!! So many amazing images… I really loved the action one where he’s stepping onto the log to join her, so fun! I bet they are soooo happy with these!

Beautiful photos. What a cute couple! I also liked your write-up about the session. Shows a lot of insight in to the couple.

so so beautiful! and that location is amazing!

Gorgeous shots, and I love their story too!

Amazing location and stunning work here!

Very natural, lighthearted, and fun!

So many great shots! Love how clean the images feel and how it just feels like..them!

So incredibly gorgeous. Great job Jessica! You can feel the love 🙂 xoxox