Pete Proposes to Ginger

March 4, 2014

Pete planned this for a while, he wanted it to be absolutely perfect. He and Ginger put together a trip to the west coast with the first stop being the Grand Canyon. It was a place they had always dreamed of seeing together. They were so ready to escape the cold of Illinois and he was ready to (finally) ask her to marry him. After finding the perfect spot, a plan quickly came together.

The day came and it was dreary but the Grand Canyon was everything the imagined and more. He snuck in sideways glances as they went on their all-day adventure to see the best tourist spots, wondering if she had any idea. She didn’t. She just thought this was a perfect escape for the two of them even though he was being a little quiet. It became a day of stalling, waiting, and nerves… lots of nerves. When the two of them arrived at Shoshone Point, Pete was more than ready to ask the big question.

As she pointed out to the view of the Colorado River, he dropped down to one knee and caught her completely by surprise. He could finally say it: “Will you marry me?” Ginger immediately threw her hands around him as they burst out in laughter. The ring was on her finger but he had to ask “You did say yes right?”

“Of course!” she responded. “YES!!”

















This is absolutely beautiful. What a location! 🙂 Great job! 😀

Yeah, I’m pretty envious about EVERYTHING about this shoot….!

SO great!!!!! Love the location, the images and the surprise of a proposal!!

Congrats Pete and Ginger! SUCH special photos! Great job Jessica!

I LOVE THIS! Great job to the groom to be. I’m sure a moment she’ll never forget. Great job capturing them.

Ahh! So fun! So many great images!

These are amazing!!! What an fabulous backdrop for a proposal!

Oh my gosh, this is so romantic – actually made me tear up a bit! They are so lucky you were there to capture it all.

Awww, this is soo sweet! I love proposals! Congrats to this adorable couple!