Becca and Daniel • Engaged

March 31, 2014

It all started in 8th grade. He had the cutest smile and she talked a lot. And he always smiles when she talks, so it worked out perfectly. For years Becca and Daniel remained friends of friends… but there was always something there. They would pass in the halls of their high school and wonder why neither of them were available at the right time. When Daniel was finally single, Becca swooped in without a second thought. And they discovered something kind of awesome.

They spent their college years miles apart, she left for UCSB while he stayed home to attend CSULB. He would come see her almost every other weekend and she would make excuses to come home throughout the semester. And seeing each other, even for just a few minutes, was worth every hour on those LA freeways.

When Daniel moved to New York for graduate school, they tried moving forward with separate lives. Living in different cities,  making new friends and new memories. But the big city felt a little too big for just him. One week Becca came to visit and even though she was the 43rd (or so) guest that wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, seeing it with her was different. He had to come home.

The moment he moved back to California they knew they didn’t want to spend another moment apart. They moved in together and right there in their little apartment with Ralphy the cat on her lap, he proposed. Ten years after this all began, they’re still best friends, prom dates, high school sweethearts, and now fiancés. This July they will finally say their long-awaited “I dos” at the stunning Gerry Ranch. I’m thrilled they have chosen me to document this next step of their journey! We spent their engagement session exploring the Long Beach shore and laughing just a liiittttlle too much.



those two have beautiful eyes! very well captured 🙂

awhhh LOVE every single image in this session! love your site too, jessica!

Wow, such a great love story! Not many people wait for their true love these days!

What a lovely set of images. They looks very comfortable in front of the camera! The colors are beautiful!

They look SO happy together! Lovely images 🙂