Allison and Dustin • Engaged

March 27, 2014

As 2013 came to a close, Allison and Dustin realized they had absolutely everything. They had someone to cuddle with as the ball dropped, a family with unwavering support, and a perfect little girl, Lola. Life was perfect.

Their story began just a few years ago when they were introduced by mutual friends. After some lingering stares and a quick hello, their modest introduction turned into something neither of them expected. Allison described their relationship as “inseparable,” and while a lot of couples may use this word with them it was obvious it was true. Everyone that is lucky enough to know them would agree they were meant to be together.

Their hearts were so full of love for one another and little Lola that any more joy in their lives was unimaginable. But Dustin surprised her once again. On New Years Day he took them both to a dinner at the beach. They strolled together on the sand and suddenly he was on one knee and holding the most beautiful ring. It was perfect, he was perfect, and their life somehow became even more perfect.

wood_20140319_7454We spent an afternoon at Terranea in Palos Verdes for a sweet beach-y engagement session. (I swear I could shoot on the beach every day!) I cannot wait for their wedding at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach this November!

wood_20140319_7460wood_20140319_7478wood_20140319_7466wood_20140319_7497wood_20140319_7485wood_20140319_7676wood_20140319_75432014-03-26_0001wood_20140319_7540Allison, you are going to make the most gorgeous bride! I can hardly stand it!wood_20140319_7564wood_20140319_75792014-03-26_0002wood_20140319_7632wood_20140319_7598wood_20140319_7609wood_20140319_76992014-03-26_0003wood_20140319_7801wood_20140319_7782wood_20140319_7787wood_20140319_7793


Beautiful work!

Gorgeous couple and gorgeous photos!

Wow! What a gorgeous couple. It’s clear where Lola got her great looks!

Great shoot! Love the variety and especially the 4th to last shot!

So gorgeous! Great poses, location, and of course the couple is very good looking 🙂 Love your editing style too 🙂

Very beautiful images! They look so in love! Love that location too!

What a great session and location! The green dress is absolutely stunning on her!