A Memory in Photos

November 16, 2013

Sometimes I worry I am going to forget. Not just what was written on the grocery list or an assignment I was supposed to turn in for class. I worry I will forget my favorite memories.

Sometimes I worry I am going to forget. When I run in to people from my past they always have a “remember when” story to tell, and I just nod and echo their expression of how fun/ weird/ sad that time was. Walking away from those conversations I do everything I can to force those memories back into my mind with no prevail.

Sometimes I worry I am going to forget. So I take pictures. My iPhone reminds me constantly of how many memories I keep stored there with the “Storage is almost full” banner. When I see that reminder I know I should delete some photos, but even that cinnamon roll and coffee  I shared with Sam back in March reminds me of that slow Sunday morning where we people-watched from inside the comforting warmth of a Safeway cafe. And I cherish these seemingly-insignificant little moments more than most.

I happen to think I have the best job in the world because I get to help people hold on to the things they may forget. When he asked you to marry him, your first kiss as husband and wife, a growing baby bump, when your sweet baby looked up at you and smiled for the first time… All of these wonderful things that go by so quickly.

I am graduating from college next month and entering “the real world.” As awkward as I feel on the other side of the camera, I knew I would want to remember what this time was like. Thankfully Sam has an eye for capturing some sweet moments like this one with my puppy, Lauren. I’ll always be thankful for the photos I have no matter how much I feel like I wanted to change myself before that shutter snapped.



I asked some of my past clients to share their experience with me here: http://jessicamwood.com/testimonials/. It makes me so happy knowing they appreciate our time together as much as I do. I cannot wait to see what 2014 brings to my life and my business.