Life Lately: School Days, IVs and Puppies

September 15, 2013

I have to admit I have been a little overwhelmed lately. After wrapping up a beautiful summer in California, my boyfriend Sam and I moved back to Flagstaff for our last year of college. (I know, I can’t believe it either!) I have always been the type of student that is good at school when I really work at it but it takes a LOT of effort… like hours in front of the computer, no free time kind of effort. And about half way through high school I started counting down until the day I would not have to go to school anymore. Today there are 94 days left.

From the moment we got back to Flagstaff I started to feel really nervous about entering the real world. It felt like I was quitting the only job I’ve ever had and throwing resumes into the wind just hoping someone would want me. I started questioning my major after putting three years into it. I started wishing I could rewind those three years and do it “right.” I started hating my part time job  and I wasn’t even working yet… And then remembered to calm down and LET LIFE HAPPEN.

How often do I need to remind myself that everything happens for a reason? There are always, always, always going to be ups and downs, and I caught myself in a down with a “woe is me” attitude. So I kept going and it turns out school isn’t so bad and work is actually fun, maybe these next few months won’t be so bad. But the moment I was making my way up again Sam ended up in the emergency room with a nasty spider bite.
Again I found myself with too many thoughts.
Except this time I thought about how lucky I am to have him, and that I never wanted to loose him. I thought about our sweet puppy and our tiny apartment and the view from our balcony of the tallest mountain in Arizona. With every drip of his IV I knew that was one step towards going back to this sweet little life we have created.

The day after he got home we celebrated our life with a “stay-cataion” at his grandparents cabin and did something else kind of crazy…

Her name is Lauren. She is a 13 week old rescue and we already love her to pieces- even Jackson! (Your guess at her breed is as good as ours!)

Much love and happy Sunday.


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