Daydreams and Our First Summer

July 14, 2013

Lately I have caught myself day dreaming quite a bit. But instead of drifting off with thoughts about going on a tropical vacation or my weekend plans, I think about Sam. I’m dreaming about our first apartment back in California, the lazy Sunday mornings we will spend together, and about bigger things too like the day I get to promise I will spend forever by his side… (but thats taboo to mention for now;) ) The man that I have been with for almost four years now and know absolutely everything about still has me feeling giddy when I think about kissing him. I don’t know how he does it, but I have to admit that I feel so lucky that he is so attentive to making me feel special. He tells me I’m beautiful every chance he gets and lets me talk about taboo things like what I want my dress and venue to look like…

Four years ago this had all just begun. The summer of 2009 flew by leaving behind a few sweet memories and lots of pictures. We were “official” and as silly as it sounds I absolutely loved that I could now call myself his. We didn’t share our excitement on Facebook or even tell our families about it at first, and our relationship became a sweet secret that we were happy to keep.

At first I was nervous about how I was supposed to be acting. Sam was my first boyfriend and I was far from informed when it came to the rules of dating. Did I need to hide my crazy? What if he gets bored of me? I decided to not dress up or ever wear extra makeup, and I never saw the need to wait for him to open my door. In all honesty, nothing had changed; Sam was my best friend and now my boyfriend, too. And it was perfect.

We spent most of that summer simply holding hands at the beach and watching the sun disappear with coffee in-hand. I got to know his family and instantly felt at home. They told me stories that made Sam’s face turn bright red and assured me I was the best girl Sam had brought home so far (at the time I was sure they were just being nice). However, it wasn’t until a month later that Sam would meet my parents and ask to take me out on our first official date.. but that’s a story for another time.:)

p.s. this was our first picture together as a couple!


I’ve been married 18 years and I was reminiscing about my early dates with my husband after reading this. Very sweet! Y’all are adorable and previously young. Enjoy this love!

young love is so adorable

“Did I need to hide my crazy?” Hahahaha that is hilarious! I thought the same thing when I started dating Dan 😉 You two are so cute!

Love it!!! You guys are so adorable!

what a gentleman to ask your parents to take you out on an official date! kev and i dated for 6 years before we got married 3 years ago 🙂 your story reminds me of every bit of our relationship/marriage, you are heading there, jess!