The Question

June 16, 2013

Its one of those feelings you never forget. The first kiss. That moment where your stomach does a complete summersault and you lose track of all time.

Sam drove me back home and I sat in his car thinking about how I would be happy to stay there for hours and hours. But eventually we made it to my house and I had to say goodbye. He smiled, knowing exactly what I saw thinking, and said I’ll text you when I’m home.

I went straight to my room and tried to do anything to distract myself besides checking my phone every 30 seconds. It felt like hours had passed when it had been less then ten minutes. There should have been rain or something more dramatic, but really it was just me sitting on my bed at 8pm, with a stubbornly dark screen in front of me. And then finally that oh-so-comforting buzz filled the room.

We spent many, many nights before this one texting until the wee hours of the morning, but this night was different. After waiting so long to be in the same place (or country for that matter), there was finally a moment of peace where we could enjoy the start of this… thing. The thing that didn’t have a name yet. I knew what I wanted and I hoped he did too. The clocked passed one in the morning and I finally worked up the courage to say it.

“I was wondering… if I can call myself your girlfriend.”

I didn’t want the big show or the ‘relationship proposal,’ I wanted to know that I was his and he was mine. I wanted to never loose the crazy feeling I felt tonight. And even though my summersaulting stomach eventually disappeared, something even better took its place because (thankfully) he said “Yes.”


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