Kathy and Matt • Engaged

June 3, 2013

They met in London. At that time they were just two small town high school students that had no idea what the future would hold for them. He had a nice smile, she had kind eyes, and they fell for one another.

Six years later they were even crazier about one another. Kathy had a feeling he was going to pop the question when he visited her at school on Valentines weekend. She waited and waited but when it was time for him to go back home there still wasn’t a ring on her finger. Maybe she had misread the signs? Maybe he wasn’t ready yet? The next weekend Matt came back up to see her, this time as a surprise, and before he could even get the words out she said YES!

When I met them they were in engagement-bliss. We spent their session roaming some of the prettiest spots in Palos Verdes; the entire time Matt couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. Each time I asked them to “almost-kissed” he couldn’t wait more than a few second before actually kissing her… and then I melted. Kathy and Matt are so perfect for each other and I can’t wait to see where their marriage takes them!


[…] with Kathy and Matt, and oh-my-goodness it was an amazing way to begin an exciting year! I photographed their engagement session almost two years ago. Since then the three of us have been endlessly counting down the days to […]

Oh, they are just too adorable. I love the landscape ocean shot. They look giddy and you captured that between them. Fabulous shoot, AGAIN!

I’m such a sucker for bubbles! What a great idea! Love the ring shot from behind his neck 🙂

Love the flower petals! Nice photos.

Amazing work Jessica! I love their genuine chemistry and the bubbles!

Beautiful couple and amazing photography!

Ahh the bubbles! And the far away landscape shot! And the 5th from the bottom! Great variety and work 🙂

I really like the long distance shot. I can’t even explain the style you did with this engagement shoot, but love the way the lighting turned out with the photos. Outstanding work once again!

Loved these! So cute, the bubble ones were adorable!