Five Things

June 11, 2013

Life has been quite a whirlwind lately. Just in the past week I went on two road trips that were completely wonderful and exhausting at the same time. I feel like that is what this entire summer is going to be – very little sleep and lots of adventure. In my mind, this is my “last summer” since I am graduating college this year and finally entering the real world of budgets, work hours, two-day weekends, and dinner parties that end before 9pm (that last one doesn’t sound so bad.) Then again, living in California does allow the SUMMER FOREVER attitude that I plan to take on with pride. 😉

So in the midst of the excitement, I thought I would share five things I’ve discovered lately:

1. The entire time I was gone I desperately missed my dog. Yes, I’m that person. I think I texted my mom every other hour asking what he was doing as if he had a busy schedule.

2. I attended a wedding this past weekend as a guest and somehow Sam convinced me to leave my camera at home. I HATED IT. Just kidding. I am so happy for my first college friends to tie the knot but I really did have a hard time not running around like a crazy person with my Nikon all day.

3. Recently I’ve found myself craving ice cream on a daily basis. I’ve also been working out until my arms and legs feel like jelly, so that cancels it out right?

4. I bought a big, floppy sunhat before my road trips to feel more Palm-Springs-trendy. Turns out most things in my Pinterest wardrobe should probably stay there.

5. My reality TV obsession has escalated to a point where I refer to the characters by their first names in casual conversations. When I say things like “I wish I had as many orange trees as Yolanda” and Sam knows exactly what I mean, I worry about both of our futures.

Here are some instagrams and iPhone photos of the happy things that have happened so far this summer!