Amy and Matt • Trash the Dress

June 13, 2013

In case you missed my “Beach Chic” Anniversary post, be sure to check that out and read the story behind that shoot here!

This is part two to that session and one of the most exciting things ever happened: a bride asked if she could go in the water… OF COURSE I SAID YES. After all of the gorgeous details and fun dresses, we wanted to showcase the meaning of the Anniversary shoot by having Amy get back into her wedding dress. 10 years after her wedding day and she still looked amazing. She laughed and squealed and had so much fun playing in the surf that it made everyone passing by smile. I loved turning around to see Matt standing on the beach with a look in his eye that I imagine was the same one he gave her the day she married him.



This is at Manhattan Beach, isn’t it? I recognize the pier. I loved your styled shoot for their anniversary! She is gorgeous and you did an amazing job, girl.

Love that last one! I love trash the dress sessions! So much fun!

Jess, these are gorgeous! The 4th image down is one of the most perfect images I’ve ever seen. Great job! Beautiful couple.