Lydia • Senior Session

April 13, 2013

Lydia and I met in an introduction to photography class, and we would spend the class period talking about our big dreams in the even bigger world of photography. I told her how much I loved wedding and portrait photography and she told me how much she loved under-water and nature photography.

Now over a year later she  is about to graduate from NAU and spend her summer working a photography internship in Africa. I would be extremely jealous of her if I wasn’t so proud and excited that she will be following her dream over there. She couldn’t help but smile as she told me about the adventures she will get to experience this summer, my favorite being the large, scary animals she plans on swimming with (such a great white sharks and whale sharks… yep). Saying Lydia is simply adventurous doesn’t really do her justice, so as soon as she starts blogging about her internship experience I will be sure to share so you can see for yourself.

Our session was an adventure in itself. For one, the winter sun is Flagstaff is rare and when it does emerge it is incredibly bright. Every fence we passed seem to contain an angry, loud dog, and we may have trespassed once or twice. We had to opportunity to explore a field just outside of town with the beautiful San Francisco Peaks in the background. And I stepped ON A CACTUS. You read that right. A little spiky ball of death leached on to the bottom of my shoe and refused to let go. We spent the second half of the session in fear of what else this field would throw at us. However, I still had so much fun spending an afternoon with this gorgeous girl and am so excited to share some of my favorite shots!

We used a lot of vintage cameras in this shoot. Lydia told me that most of them were a gift from a sweet elderly man in town that she and her roommates have befriended. He recognized her passion for photography and happily passed down a box of these amazing cameras. However, this film camera was actually her first!

I love the above photo of Lydia. Her eyes are so gorgeous and I just love how confident she looks!

And then, just for fun, I convinced her to take a picture with her cat. Because why not!



[…] inside and out. She was so sweet throughout the entire session despite the tiny evil cacti ( yes AGAIN!) and seriously crazy wind. She graduates this May from NAU and hopes to move to San Francisco to […]

Her hair us such a beautiful color. The images are timeless and what a great day, cactus and all. As truck drivers, we stop at the Polit in Bellemonte and my daughter loves the prairie dogs. Great shots girl !

This are really great…I LOVE the close up one of her. So beautiful.

Beautiful lighting and wonderful images!

Looks like you guys had some fun 🙂 LOVE the light and tone of your work!