Caren and Paul • Jerome, AZ Destination Wedding

April 10, 2013

“We are so lucky in life to have found each other and this is a celebration of that, of our love, of the start of a new family and wanting to share all of that with our friends and family”

Caren says it perfectly. Her and Paul’s wedding day was beautiful, intimate, fun, warm and so many other things. They chose to have a destination wedding and invited all of the people they love the most. She wore a lace dress, cowboy boots and a smile so wide, and Paul could not stop staring at her the entire day; from the look in his eyes you just knew how elated he was this day had finally come. From her dad walking her down the aisle to dancing with her husband late into the night, I would guess Caren felt the same.

This wedding was a celebration of many things but most importantly was family. Sam and I were especially honored to have been asked to capture such an amazing day and to be so openly welcomed to be a part of this day. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from their big day!

They chose to have their wedding in Jerome because its the place where they fell in love. Living in Chicago now it was so special for them to be able to return here and share it with their friends and family. Their ceremony took place at the Jerome State Park/ Douglas Mansion, which is the building on the right of the above image.

This is Amelia, Paul (and now Caren’s!) adorable daughter!. She played one of the most important roles that day as the maid of honor… and she did it oh so well.

Can we all just agree that this is the coolest officiant of all time? And yes he left the ceremony on his Harley.

One of the coolest parts about having a small wedding, is being able to take a group shot with all the people in the world you love the most. And thats all of Jerome in the background!

Caren, Paul and Amelia are the sweetest family of all time. Period.

These two are SO in love, it was infectious.

This reception took place at the famous Spook Hall. Sam and I were secretly hoping to catch some ghosts in the corners of our photos.. so far no luck!

The combination of Mexican food and a Grateful Dead tribute band made their reception absolutely perfect.

Caren and Paul – It was an honor meeting you and capturing your big day! I hope you have enjoyed your first week of married life and continue to celebrate your new family!



Always keep God in your marriage. It will last forever. What an absolutely beautiful day to have a wedding! Everything turned out so perfect. Be sure to live life to the fullest, love each other unconditionally and laugh every day. You both deserve the very best that life has to offer. We love you both!

What a beautiful dress. I love that they did this with such an individual flare. You caught he details perfectly. They are just gorgeous shots.

Love that the bride had such a personal style for her day… lovely images!

Jerome – what an amazing, magical place! But what’s more, is this essay brought tears to my eyes – the photo of Caren and her dad looking at each other, and Caren and Paul’s hug during the ceremony. Really, really touching – thank you.

Fabulous job- love that she wore a short dress and cowboy boots!!

What a fun wedding! Adorable images. You captured them beautifully!

These are BEAUUUUTIFUL! I love the location and you’re right, they look so, so happy 🙂 Nice work!

Great clicks! – I love the group shot with the town in the background. What a great momento of their day 🙂