Chy and Brandon • Sedona, AZ Destination Wedding

November 16, 2012

“The tale of love and romance began in an unlikely place… behind bars.” They spent their first few moments together in a prison control room and a relationship grew from there. Chy loves to tell this story, mainly because of the reactions she gets up until the moment she reveals the big twist: she was there working as a therapist and he a corrections officer. After that first day together they fell hopelessly in love. Even though they lived states apart for eight long months of their relationship, love letters, long phone calls, and the promise of a day they could finally call one another “home” kept them moving forward. Brandon bought a ring and asked Chy’s father for permission to ask her to marry him. He moved to Oregon and their first weekend back together asked her the question that would change their lives forever.

Their wedding day was absolutely perfect. From the beautiful scenery of Poco Diablo Resort to the quiet moments Chy and Brandon spent on the phone together throughout the day, every second was filled with joy. I hope you enjoy this little peek into their big day!

Liz and Lindsay of the Sedona Beauty Team did an amazing job making Chy look stunning.
Only best friends…
Chy’s father seeing her for the first time.
Chy and Brandon opted to do a First Look before the ceremony and I couldn’t have been happier!
Sam was my second shooter for the day and he captured this beautiful moment below!
This was SUCH a fun wedding party!!
Brandon watching his bride walk down the aisle…
and the ENTIRE wedding!
Chy and her dad danced to John Mayer’s “Daughters” and it was one of the sweetest dances I’ve ever seen.
Some tearful toasts…
One of my favorite activities of the night was the marriage dance. All of the married couples joined Chy and Brandon on the dance floor and were excused one by one based on how long they’ve been married. The winning couple (who have been married over 50 years!!) shared their advice: “Marry a saint and always do the right thing” and his wife said “Be nice to each other.” It was perfect.
The night ended with a performance by Chy and her siblings- gotta love a musical family!

I love the shots of the ladies getting ready! And the marriage dance sounds stinking adorable 🙂