I wanted to see Sam the second he returned home but had to wait until the next afternoon. By then it was starting to feel like every second was longer than the one before.

We met at our secret spot. A spot that still makes me smile every time I drive past it. He took less than a step out of his car and I was in his arms. It was a hug that I had waited three weeks for and somehow even better than I expected. He took my hand and we drove with no particular destination in mind. But we didn’t care. I know we stopped a few times to look at the view or to sit together, but I couldn’t tell you where.

As the sun started to fall we ended up at a park, and I led Sam over towards the swings (which happen to be one of his least favorite things.) Just to make me laugh he swung back and forth a few times but then insisted that everything would turn out better if he pushed me instead. And I was never one to turn down a good push. I was soaking in every moment with him and had to keep reminding myself that this time he didn’t have to leave.

Then a dance started. He moved to a bench and called for me to come join him. I stayed on the swing and asked him to come back. Each of us trying to convince the other of something, both of us nervous because we knew what was next.

Finally he gave in. As he was walking back towards my swing I felt like my heart would fall out of my chest. It all felt like a dream, or life in slow motion, or something like that. He stood in front of me, held on to the chains of my swing, and suddenly our faces were inches apart.

I couldn’t wait any longer so I reached up and kissed him. It was quick and some might even say I missed, but to this day I swear I’ve never experienced something so perfect. I wanted to jump up and down screaming WE KISSED!! but instead I buried my face in his chest and listened to him whisper sweet things to me.

And then he kissed me again.. and a few more times after that.


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