Emery and Charles • Engaged

July 17, 2012

There’s only one word to describe how Emery found Charles: fate. After meeting one another for the first time, they knew that any relationship between them was simply not an option. No way, no how. But fate had a different plan. Weeks later they found themselves talking online. It started with a hello here and there, maybe they would catch up on what was new in their lives. Then the conversations grew longer and later into the night. It came to a point where neither could deny the attraction they felt towards one another.

But, again, fate stepped in. Emery was in school and Charles was serving in the Navy. Their dreams of holding hands and going on late night coffee dates together had to wait, and a relationship started to blossom through words on a computer screen. And they fell in love. Quicker than either one of them even expected and a stronger than they have ever felt before.

From the first time they said those three words to that day on the beach when Charles dropped down to one knee, they have been intertwined in mind, soul and faith. She said yes before he could even ask, and now proudly wears his ring with the words “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

Emery and Charles- I think you two are absolutely perfect for one another and I am honored you chose me to take your engagement pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

Our session took place at the Redondo Beach Pier and the oh-so-gorgeous King Harbor.

I think this next one is my favorite!

To end the session we made a super-quick stop for the sunset at the beach ( and a quick change to Charles’ Navy whites!)


Thank you so much Karilyn! I love that one too, it was such a beautiful day!

Beautiful! Love the harbor location. The dock photo with that reflection in the water is so cool:-)