I’ve always wanted to be the type of person that says “I’m completely spent.” I feel like it is such a proper way to say you’re pooped, exhausted and can’t move. But it also reminds me how we can choose what we put our energy into. We have been given the chance to decide how we ‘spend’ our selfs.

The past four days i chose to pick a path of insanity. They consisted of two photo shoots, preparing for a garage sale, family coming into town, and hosting two fundraisers that I have been planning for months. And even though my legs felt like jelly, I gained a sunburnt-scalp and I got way less sleep than what’s necessary for functioning, it was all so worth it.

Even though it was tough, I would do it all over again. One thing that has kept me going is constantly looking at my calendar in awe, as I see my summer weekends begin to fill with photo shoots. I am now I’m my fourth month of business and have consistently felt blessed by the people who reach out to me. Every time I read an email that says they would like to book me, I stand there staring at my screen and reading it over and over again. I had a client tell me she could feel my passion through the words of my email.. and right then and there I knew I was on the right track. It is starting to feel like all of the energy I have pushed into my business is starting to lift me up and reassuringly whisper “you’re doing it.”

I’m completely spent.
And I can’t wait to do it again next weekend.


I like the connection here between being “spent” because you have chosen how to spend yourself.

Congrats on all the great work you’ve been doing!