No matter how good, bad, or in-between my week is, I want to dance like a crafter with a 50% off coupon for Michaels every time Friday rolls around. It doesn’t matter if I am in school celebrating a night where I can avoid homework or on summer vacation where the days start to blend together.. I LOVE FRIDAYS.

Lately I’ve fallen into “project-mode” Fridays. Last week I started recreating my branding by working on my website and buying packaging materials on Etsy like they was going out of style (more to come on that!:) ). However this week I found myself staring at the huge blank wall above my desk and decided I needed to do something about that. So today I’ve begun working on my inspiration wall.

After feeding my creativity on Pinterest and searching my room for things I already have, I decided to go with an ocean theme. One of the items written in bold on my bucket list is to swim in every body of water. Its a little lofty compared to riding an elephant and going skydiving, but I like to dream big. And hey you never know, right?

I hope you enjoy this Friday and many more as much as I do! I’ll end with a few quotes I’ve come across that just mind find their way onto my wall.

This one I made this morning 🙂
And lastly by one of my favorite photographers, Jasmine Star
“I’m a little bit scared all of the time, which makes me think I’m doing something right.”