June 26, 2012

Hello, blog.

Life has been SO full and crazy lately.
I started my summer thinking I would find myself bored and looking for something to fill my time. A couple weeks ago the highlight of my day was learning how to make poached eggs. But everything has been moving in fast forward since then. I started my summer job and have been working on my photography business. Every day is packed with shoots, editing and branding, or serving coffee. Sam on the other hand is working an office job! I’m so proud of him and I have to admit he looks super cute dressed up for work. Summer has always been our favorite time of year and I am really looking forward to whatever this one will bring us. As soon as we get a moment to relax, I’m sure we will sit on the beach and not leave for a long while.

ANYWAYS I’ll be back soon to continue sunday love stories and to share what I’ve been working on. In the mean time, here’s a sneak peek of my latest lifestyle newborn session.:)

I love this picture because it makes me yawn every time I look at it. Also, it reminds me to slow down.. relax.. and enjoy the little things.