There was this one morning.

It was the summer after we graduated high school and we had nothing to do except spend time together. I remember waking up each day and counting how many days we had left together, how many days until he would leave to go to school in Arizona. It was supposed to be a carefree summer, the type of summer The Beach Boys sing about, but I was feeling worried all the time. Three months had never felt so short.

That one morning I wanted to do something different. I texted him the night before and asked if he would wake up early with me so we could watch the sunrise together. He said yes. Mind you, this is a boy that has barely seen many days start before eight. But he said yes anyways. He was outside my house before 6am and we drove up to one of my favorite spots. We kissed in the darkness, our eyes still heavy with sleep. Anxiously we watched the sky, waiting for the sun’s grand entrance.

It was the absolute wort sunrise ever.
It was one of the most beautiful sunrises ever.

The sky was plastered with clouds and only a sliver of dark yellow light peaked through.  It was boring, it was dull, it was short-lived; everything a sunrise shouldn’t be. But somehow it felt absolutely perfect, because he was there. And we were able to laugh about it as soon as I bought him a cup of coffee and the sun was a little higher in the sky. It was a morning I will never forget and just another reminder of why Sam is my best friend.


I was thinking about this sunrise story today because it was our “first sunrise” together. Something that should be romantic and special for a couple to experience, and I find myself smiling every time I think about it. Sam and I are coming into a lot of “firsts” in our relationship as we end our second year of college and have invested in our first piece of property together (okay, its a lease on an apartment, but still!).  And I’m happy… really, really happy.

That’s todays (late) Sunday Love Story. Goodnight! 🙂