In honor of Mother’s Day, today’s Sunday Love Story is about a time when the phrase “mother knows best” really rang true for me. Certainly not the only time, but one of the most important.
Like I mentioned in Sam’s Birthday Post, before we were together people seemed to just know we were supposed to be a couple. My friends would ask me way too often if I had a crush on him. No of course not, I would say, we’re just friends. It began to feel like that phrase was falling out of my mouth far too often. But in all honesty I couldn’t imagine him as anything more than my best friend.
I had just finished my junior year of high school and was ready to fall into a quiet summer. One of the first weekends, I decided to go surfing but felt a little silly going on my own when there is such a surfing niche in the area. So I invited my mom (Yes, even though I was 16 my mom and I were friends!). And then after mentioning my little weekend adventure to Sam, he invited himself to come along. He had never been surfing before, and I was fully prepared to show off the thing I had been doing for twelve years.
On that day I found myself sitting on the beach in between my mother and this boy I had barely even told her existed. I introduced them and then quickly left to head into the water. As I sat on my board just past the surf, my stomach began to flutter and I worried about what they were saying to each other. Were they talking about me? Was she asking him questions that are too personal? Were they even talking at all? I felt their eyes on me and grew more and more nervous.
Suddenly I realized what was happening around me. The waves were crashing closer and closer together and a current was pulling me away. I dug my hands into the water and tried to fight against the waves. Then came the most embarrassing ten minutes of my entire life. I rolled. I fell. I swallowed a gallon of salty water. I wore myself out, and did not catch a single wave. So much for showing off.
I managed to make it though the day without too much more embarrassment. However, the moment Sam and I hugged goodbye, my mom began raving about him nonstop- how he is so polite, so easy to talk to, such a gentleman, so cute. Wait, what?
“Do you like each other?” she asked.
“No mom, we’re just friends.”
“For now.”

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